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We take great pride in having you as part of our Volunteer Staff and feel that your rewards will be many! As event volunteers, the efforts of each and every person are important to the success of "Experience Asia". Please note that we are counting on you to arrive early and be prepared to work your shift.

If for any reason you are unable to report for your entire shift, please inform Aurora Hansen at 321-1114 immediately. This will give the festival staff time to get a replacement for your shift. If you are able to get someone to replace you, please give them all the pertinent information that they need for your time slot.

Volunteers are asked that they stay and work in their area during the duration of their time shift. In order to stay on track, please do not sign up for shifts that you are unable to complete.

Emergency Information
In the event of an emergency, contact the staff assigned to the INFORMATION/OPERATIONS AREA. It is important that you report the issue accurately and clearly to the proper officials. Any serious injury should be relayed to the Festival Coordinator or any committee member (identified with ACT shirts). DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MOVE AN INJURED PERSON. If the situation involves police or security, report it immediately to the INFORMATION/OPERATIONS AREA.

In the event that there is a life-threatening situation, the directions of the Police Department, Fire Department and City Services shall take precedence. All area sites have emergency supplies and in addition, any police officer may assist in emergency situations.

Vendor Safety
All vendors must close down their business when the event is closed for an emergency situation. All gas cylinders are to be shut off and tied down according to regulations. Vendors must make sure that all fires are completely out and all HOT SURFACES are cool!

In case of fire at any location at the event, the first response is TO EXTINGUISH. The next step is to begin evacuation of the public following the evacuation route on the map.

Storm Warning
It is conceivable that the event is closed because of a lightning/storm threat. If this happens, an official announcement will be made from the main performing area.

Communications will be handled by way of the city's portable transmitters. One hour prior to the event, event staff and volunteers will have an in-service training to include: chain of command, radio frequencies, the use of a fire extinguisher and location of event staff. Discussion will also include evacuation routes to be used if necessary.

Security Guidelines
Only authorized signage will be distributed at the event. Any persons distributing unauthorized material will be asked to leave; No person is allowed to wear or hold a sign promoting a business, a political candidate or organization. Collecting signatures for any petition, and/or wearing or holding any sign any sign promoting a business, a political candidate or organization will be confined to a specific area designated by the festival coordinator. Individuals interested in participating in this venue should sign an exhibitor agreement and pay the exhibitor fees.

Inappropriate Behavior
All persons whose behavior is deemed inappropriate shall be brought to the attention of the security personnel and safety concerns/inappropriate behavior will lead to escort away from the event.

Vehicle Access
All vehicles must have a valid access pass to enter the festival area. Any vehicle without the proper credentials may be towed.

(INCLUDES EXHIBITORS, FOOD, ARTS AND CRAFTS, ENTERTAINMENT) All vendors must display the appropriate credentials during the event-liability insurance and license.



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