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Founded 2004

Thank you for your interest in the 13th Annual Experience Asia 2017. PERFORMANCES ARE VOLUNTARY. If selected to perform, applicants will be scheduled on the stage deemed appropriate by the Entertainment Committee. The committee will provide all sound reinforcements (PA System). The performers are responsible for their own music, instruments and amplifiers. The Committee will not provide drums, pianos, music stands, etc.

The Entertainment Committee seeks to present varied styles, types and genres of Asian related entertainment.

Important Information:
Royalties, union fees, welfare, insurance, taxes, personal expenditures, operating or travel expense and other obligations are part of the cost of production and are the responsibility of the artist: therefore, the ASIAN COALITION OF TALLAHASSEE and the CITY OF TALLAHASSEE shall not be responsible for the payment of these obligations. All performances are gratis, as a benefit to the community.

Contemplation of Proper Information:
If the artist and staff fail to provide up-to-date completed information on technical requirements or equipment in writing at least five (5) days prior to the event, then the agreement is terminated.

Failure to Perform:
In the event the artist is not ready to perform at the designated time or if vital performing member (s) is/are not present, or if the artist arrives at the performance in such a condition as to appear to a reasonable person to be incapable of performing in a contract, the Entertainment Committee, the Asian Coalition of Tallahassee and the City of Tallahassee has the absolute right in its sole discretion to cancel the performance or terminate the performance in progress.

Reproduction Rights:
No portion of the stated performance shall be filmed, taped, recorded, reproduced or transmitted in an audio or video form without the written authorization of the artist except for the promotional purpose of the Asian Coalition and Experience Asia.

Promotional Information:
Artist shall provide the Entertainment Committee with current promotional information and materials to be used for media and general promotion of the event.

Some Helpful Rules:

1) Check in with the stage manager at least 15 minutes before your group is to perform and give the sound person your music if applicable. As a performer, you are responsible for the quality of your music. Please test your music before coming to the event. ACT is neither responsible for any technical difficulties nor responsible for the safety of your device or CD during the performance. If using an iPod please have the correct cord to connect it to the system.
2) Performers write their performance description on an index card to hand over to the Stage Emcee before actual performance. Spell out the word phonetically if it is in a foreign language.
3) If you have any announcements or costume changes during your show, make sure they are included in the time you have been given.
4) Wear shoes to protect your feet from hot stages and other debris.
5) Remember that your stage manager is in charge of your safety so please follow their directions.
6) The stage manager will cue you with a 2 minute warning sign to give you time to finish your demonstration or song.
7) Drink lots of water before and after your performance so you will not dehydrate.
8) Most importantly, have a great show and enjoy your performance!

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