Asian Coalition of Tallahassee

Founded 2004

Some Helpful Rules: 

1) Check in with the stage manager at least 30 minutes before your group performs. Give the sound person your music if applicable.  As a performer, you are responsible for the quality of your music.  Please test your music before coming to the event.  ACT is not responsible for any technical difficulties nor responsible for the safety of your device or during the performance.  Copy your music on a smartphone with headphone jack, or to .mp3 device (like iPod) or to a flash drive.  Music stored on flash drives shall be .mp3 format only.

2) Performers write their performance description on an index card to hand over to the Stage Emcee before actual performance.  Spell  out the word phonetically if it is in a foreign language.

3) If you have any announcements or costume changes during your show, make sure they are included in the time you have been given. 

4) Wear shoes to protect your feet from hot stages and other debris. 

5) Remember that your stage manager is in charge of your safety so please follow their directions. 

6) The stage manager will cue you with a 2 minute warning sign to give you time to finish your demonstration or song. 

7) Drink lots of water before and after your performance so you will not dehydrate. 

8) Most importantly, have a great show and enjoy your performance! 

Again, the Asian Coalition of Tallahassee would like to thank you for making Experience Asia a wonderful event!

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